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Information on traffic

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2340-1 Shiobara, Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture

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20 minutes via Route 400 from Tohoku Expressway Nishinasuno / Shiobara IC Tohoku Expressway Nishinasuno.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    Tohoku Expressway towards Sendai - Nishinasuno Shiobara IC - Route 400 Shiohara Hot Spring area 20 minutes

    Access method 2: Sendai
    Tohoku Expressway to Tokyo - Nishinasuno Shiobara IC - Route 400 Shiohara Hot Spring area 20 minutes


    From the day-salt Momiji Line direction, do not enter Shiohara Hot Spring town, the road highway on the right side of the road straight.
  • Surrounding map

  • EV(Electric car)Installation of charging stand

    I installed an EV (electric car) charging station.It is safe for business trips and traveling by electric car!
    You can charge firmly during your stay.Please use plug-in hybrid car, charger for electric car.
  • Customers coming by train from Tokyo

    "Bullet train", Tokyo Station → Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) 75 minutes) → Nasushiobara Station → (JR bus about 60 minutes) → Hatakeshita (weaving, a 10-minute walk)
    "Normal train", Ueno Station → (JR Tohoku Line 120 minutes) → Nishinasuno Station → (JR bus about 40 minutes) → Hatakeshita (10 minutes weaving on foot)
    "Normal private railway line", Tobu Asakusa Station →(Tobu Line·Aizu Line 120 minutes)→Kamiyara Shiohara Hot Spring mouth station →(Bus 20 minutes)→Hatakeshita(10 minutes on foot)

  • Customers coming by car from Tokyo

    Coming by car Urawa IC → (Tohoku Expressway 90 minutes) → Nishinasuno Shiobara IC → (National Highway 400
  • Customers coming from Tokyo by JR express bus

    People who come by JR express bus
    【Direct】Shinjuku → Shiohara Hot Spring
    Return trip:Shiohara Hot Spring → Prince·Ikebukuro·Shinjuku

    JR Express Bus(Shinjuku ~ Nasu·Shiobara line, Nasu · Shiobara)(With toilet) Time required: About 3 hours 10 minutes
    Shinjuku·Oji ⇔ Shiohara Hot Spring
    ★NRX has adult holiday club discount (10% discount).Direct drive from Shinjuku and Oji one flight a day.Sit back leisurely and do not change!
    Agripal Shiobara you change Agripal Shiobara, four flights weekdays.On Saturdays and Sundays, 6 flights in operation!
    On the way back, I stopped at Oji / Ikebukuro station east exit (getting off the station).The journey to Shiohara Hot Spring has become more and more convenient.
    【Contact Us】
    ◆JR Bus Kanto TEL: 03-3844-0496(10: 00-18: 00)
    ◆Toya Transport Kuroso branch office, TEL: 0287-62-0858(10:00 to 17:00)
  • Customers coming from Tohoku area

    【Electric train】
    Sendai station →(Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) 80 minutes)→Nasushiobara station →(JR bus 42 minutes)→Shiobara Elementary School Entrance(5 minutes on foot)
    Aizuwakamatsu station →(JR·Aizu Line 120 minutes)→Kamimiyori Shiobara Station →(Bus 20 minutes)→Shiobara Elementary School Entrance(5 minutes on foot)

    【by car】
    Sendai South IC →(Tohoku Expressway 150 minutes)→Nishinasuno Shiobara IC →(Route 400 20 minutes)→Kouunsou