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  2. Hot spring overflowing hot water

Hot spring overflowing hot water

  • Open-air bath Natural hot spring"Luck no Yu"

    The hot springs that come out of Kouunsou spring source own source, Kouunsou spring source, are rich in hot water of 200 liters per minute (about 288 tons per day).
    Because it is 100% natural hot spring, there is nothing like "boiling" "circulation".
    You can fully enjoy its efficacy without damaging natural spring hot spring origin.
  • Private Bath

    There is a small but open-air bath.Of course the amount of hot water is plentiful.
    In the inner key style, if you are free, you can use it freely free of charge.
  • Inner bath(Large Communal Bath)

    A generous amount of hot water unique to Shiobara Onsen and Kounso that overflows with zazzer.
    Gokakuraku raku.The name is also called "Luck no Yu".
    Please enjoy luxuriously.
    The other side of the window is an outdoor bath.

Opening HourBoth the public bath, outdoor bath and private bath are open from 14:00 to 9:00 the next morning
※It is for cleaning work by pulling the hot water in the bathtub.
Amenity setShampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, razor
For women only: Toner, facial cleanser, hair cap
  • Beauty's hot water·Beauty skin hot water

    The hot spring of Kouunsou spring source has Kouunsou spring source acid, a moisturizing component, six times the standard content.

    Shiobara's largest open-air bath | Shiobara Onsen Kouunsou with hot springs | Shiobara Onsen Kouunsou[Tochigi Prefecture]
    The hot spring of Kouunsou spring source has Kouunsou spring source acid 6 times the standard content.(Content 314.7 mg)
    Many people are familiar with as "Beauty's hot water" or "Natural skin hot water" because it contains abundant metasilicic acid which is outstanding in beautifying skin effect.
  • Efficacy of metasilicic acid

    "Metasilicic acid" contained in hot springs is a moisturizing component.
    Metasilicic acid contains abundant ingredients that make it hot and moist, so hot water is mellow and feels good, and it gives a glossy moisture to the skin, so it is natural skin making skin moisturizing and beautiful skin It is also suitable for manufacturing.
    It also warms well for older people who are easy to dry skin, and is also recommended for spa treatments for long stays.
    If the content of "metasilicic acid" is over 50 mg, it is considered effective for moisturizing.
    This metasilicic acid is 6 times the standard content of Kounsou hot springs!
    The content is 314.7 mg.
    Many people are familiar with as "Beauty's hot water" or "Natural skin hot water" because it contains abundant metasilicic acid which is outstanding in beautifying skin effect.
    It is very powerful "beautiful skin formation hot water".
  • Helps to produce collagen and retards skin aging

    Metasilicic acid is an important basic element of minerals, in addition to working to strengthen hair and nails, it also helps collagen formation and retards aging of the skin.
    It is a ingredient that fulfills the beauty skin effect and moisture effect for women and keeps the freshness of the skin.
    It is said that not only keeping the moisture and fat of the skin moderately, but also promote keratinization of epidermal cells, it is expected that the effect of preparing the ceramide of the skin can be expected.
    It is a metasilicate of a moisture ingredient of a hot spring that smoothes the skin and smooths the skin.
    It also includes activation of the immune system, antioxidant effect useful for restoring cellular tissues, reduction of heart disease and risk of arteriosclerosis by expanding arterial elasticity.
  • Foot bath·Drinking water

    From the body, from the feet ...Please feel the hot spring effect.

    While relaxing while enjoying the footbaths, relaxingly relaxing while watching the deep green mountains, please heal the exhausted heart.
    Also, you can drink hot spring water that is used as a chemical from ancient times.
Foot bathFootbath takes fatigue by putting only feet on hot springs.
While relaxing while enjoying the footbaths, relaxingly relaxing while watching the deep green mountains, please heal the exhausted heart.
【Effect of footbath】The body gets warm, good for insomnia and hypotension / good for prevention of a cold / It is said to be the second heart Heat the legs, stimulating the vase, the blood flow improves and the whole body warms up./It is good for fatigue, slackness, swelling and numbness of the whole body.
  • Drinking water

    Hot springs have been used as chemicals since ancient times.
    Also, special effects are recognized for drinking hot springs in modern medicine.
【Efficacy】Chronic gastrointestinal disease / chronic constipation / diabetes / gout / liver disease etc.

Taking a leisurely falling foot, "a little cup"

  • Take a leisurely lazy ice cream, "How about a cup?" Kounso suggestions on how to enjoy hot spring sake.
  • 【Set as a hot spring】180 ml

    Please enjoy with hot hot springs.
    You can soak in a hot spring in just a few minutes.
  • 【Onsen Shochu sake set】 With pickled plums

    Original source shochu made from 100% Kouunsou spring source water.
    Kouunsou spring source uses 100% of the drinking source "sodium-chloride / bicarbonate spring"
    It is almost colorless and odorless.
    It is a real sweet shochu using mineral-rich spring water and veneered mackerel from Tochigi prefecture and unique to sweet potato shochu
    It is characterized by a habit, mellow and sweet taste.
  • 【Hot spring beer】

    Using 100% of the hot spring water of Kouunsou spring source facility, as the water used for blending four types of barley,
    It finished with no filtration.
    It is a dark colored beer that makes full use of the mineral content of hot spring water.
    The color of beer is red brown with image of the autumn leaves of Shiohara Hot Spring and the label is also original matching the colors of autumn leaves and beer.
    You can also enjoy the mineral ingredients of the hot spring in our source so please eat it happily.

Experience while immersing in foot bath!

Fertilized eggs raised in hot spring Tamago Nasu"Nasu Goyo Egg - Extreme"

  • You can enjoy hot spring egg with hot spring source.
    Soak in a constantly springing source for about 30 minutes.The spout is adjusted from 62 degrees to 63 degrees of the temperature suitable for hot spring eggs.(Please be careful as it is hot)
  • Hot spring egg
  • Hot spring egg
  • Hot Spring Qualities·Efficacy

    Plenty of moisturizing ingredients that moisturize the skin.Metasilicic acid is 6 times the standard content

    【General indication】
    Neuralgia, muscle pain, Arthralgia, Frozen, Motor paralysis, Joint stiffness, A bunch, Awkward, Chronic gastrointestinal disease, Hemorrhoid, Chilliness, Recovery period after illness, Recovery from fatigue, Health Promotion
    【Izumi quality indication】
    Chronic burns, burns, chronic skin diseases, weak children, chronic gynecology

Hot spring analysis

  • 1.The source Kouunsou spring source

    2.Outbreak area 530-3 Shiobara, Nasushiobara City

    3.Izumi sodium - chloride·Bicarbonate salt hot spring

    Four.Survey and test results in the discharge area
    (March 11, 2002) (1)Izumi Warm: 73.2 degrees
    (2)Hydrogen ion concentration(pH value):6.8
    (3)Radon content:- × 10 - 10 Ci / kg
    (4) Properties: Colorless transparent and almost tasteless odorless.

    Five.Test results in the laboratory
    (1)Specific gravity: 0.9998
    (2)Hydrogen ion concentration(pH value):6.81
    (3)Evaporation residue: 1506 mg / kg
    (Four)Total ingredients: 2205 mg / kg
    (5) Ingredients and amount (mg) contained in 1 kg of this spring
    ■Cation(Cation), Total: 484.8
    Sodium: 320.1/Potassium: 45.6/Calcium: 87.6/Magnesium: 31.2/Manganese: 0.2/Ferrous iron: 0.1
    ■anion(Anion), Total: 1054.2
    Fluorine: 0.4/Chlorine: 498.2/Sulfuric acid: 39.5/Bicarbonate: 516.0/Hydrogen sulfide: 0.1
    ■Free component
    Non-dissociating component, Total: 345.8
    Meta-citrus acid: 0.2/Metasilicate: 310.7/Metaboric acid: 34.9
    Dissolved substance, Total: 1885
    Dissolved gas component, Total: 319.9
    Carbon dioxide: 319.8 / hydrogen sulfide: 0.2


  • ○When starting hot spring treatment, the number of bathing in the first few days should be about once per day.
    After that, it should be twice to three times per day.

    ○The necessary period for spa therapy should be suitably from 2 weeks to 3 weeks.
    Around hot water (hot water bathing or bathing reaction) sometimes appeared after about 3 days to 1 week after starting the hot spring treatment.
    Reduce the number of bathing or stop bathing while waiting for "hot water", wait for recovery of symptoms around hot water.

    ○In addition to the above, please pay attention to the following points in bathing.
    ·The bathing time varies depending on the bathing temperature, but it may be about 3 minutes to 10 minutes at the beginning and extended as you get used to.
    ·While bathing, aside from the case of exercise bath, generally keep rest at rest.
    ·After bathing, do not flush the components of hot springs adhering to the body with water.(People who are liable to suffer from hot springs should wash their bodies with fresh water after bathing or wipe off hot spring ingredients.)
    ·After bathing, pay attention to aqua regulation and keep rest for a certain period of time.
    ·Regarding the next disease, as a general rule, high temperature bathing (over 42 degrees) is contraindicated.
     1.High degree of arteriosclerosis
     2.high blood pressure
     3.Heart disease
    ·When suddenly entering hot hot springs, it may cause dizziness etc.
    ·It is advisable to avoid bathing immediately before or after meals.
    ·Beware of drinking and taking baths.