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Initiatives at this facility and requests to customers

  • Putting the health and safety of our customers and staff first, we are taking the following infection prevention measures to prevent the spread and spread of the new coronavirus.

    ■We will check your body temperature at the time of admission using a non-contact type thermometer.
     If a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher is confirmed, we are very sorry, but we will refuse admission and accommodation.

    If you feel unwell during your stay, please let us know as soon as possible.

    Customers with fever or poor physical condition are kindly requested to refrain from visiting the museum.

    ■Avoid face-to-face contact at the check-in counter, and we will respond after taking measures against droplet infection with an acrylic board.
    ※We will verify your identity at the time of reception. Please be sure to bring your ID

    ■Disinfectants are installed in various places in this facility.
    (Lobby entrance,In front of the front desk,In front of the elevator on each floor,In front of the men's and women's public bath,In front of the restaurant)

    ■We thoroughly manage the health of our staff, wash our hands and gargle regularly, and disinfect with alcohol.

    ■To prevent infection to our customers, we require our staff to wear masks.

    ■We have simplified the guidance to your room.If you have any questions, please contact us by extension.

    ■Yukata size changes are available next to the elevator on each floor.
    Sorry to trouble you, but please use that.

    ■Strengthening of cleaning inside this facility
    We thoroughly disinfect and clean guest rooms and common spaces.Disinfection of washbasins, toilets, tables / chairs, closets, and frequent contact points (doorknobs, sliding door handles, remote controls, switches, etc.).
    We perform regular ventilation.

    ■We ask for your cooperation in limiting the number of people when bathing in the large communal bath.
    Please keep the distance between customers.

    ■For the time being, we are not using the sauna in the large communal bath.Please understand.

    ■At your restaurant, we have set up partitions at intervals to take three measures.

    ■We ask that you wear a mask as much as possible when moving within the facility.

    ■When using the elevator, please avoid crowding and use one set at a time.
    Please wait for other customers to use it.

    ■Currently, we are informing you about check-out (until 10:00) one by one.We also accept advance payments to avoid congestion.

Please understand