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  2. Those who will book from now on

Those who will book from now on

  • <When making a reservation from the official website>
  • ① Kounso reservation from this site (Kounso official website).
    ⇒Refrain from booking numbers, plan names, etc.

    ※ All plan are covered
    ※ Advance payment (online card payment) is not available
    ※ Local card payment on the day is possible(Excludes plan that do not plan cards)
  • ② Issue a GoTo Travel Coupon
  • ⇦ Move to GoSTA travel coupon issue site "STAY NAVI" (outside site)

    I. Member registration

    · Enter your e-mail address on the member registration screen to temporarily register
    · A temporary registration completion email will be sent to the temporarily registered email address.
    · Click the main registration URL in the received email to register as a member.
    (mail address,account name,Enter password)

    Ⅱ. Issuing GoTo travel coupons

    · Press "Issue GoTo Travel Coupon" from My Page.Or enter your email address and password to sign in
    · Enter reservation information and issue coupon
    (Check-in date ,Check out date,Reservation number,plan name,Representative's name,Number of Guest(s),Enter the total amount of reservation charges)

    Ⅲ. Confirm coupon

    · Check the issued coupon and print the coupon number or take a photo with your smartphone
  • ③ Present the coupon number at check-in
    ※Please bring an identification card that can confirm the residence of all guests
  • <When making a reservation by phone>
  • ①. Make a reservation by phone Please ask "Use GoTo Travel plan"

    ②. We will ask for your address and telephone number.

    ③. At this facility, we will apply for coupon issue application to "STAY NAVI"

    ④. You will be asked to sign a proxy discount coupon at check-in

    ※Please bring an identification card that can confirm the residence of all guests
  • <When booking from another booking site or travel agent>
  • Please be sure to make a reservation using the GoTo Travel Coupon.
    You cannot get a discount after the fact

    For details, please contact each reservation site or travel agency.